6 October 2011

Board Game Research - Blokus

During a lecture we were given the opportunity to play board games to help give us better ideas and inspiration for our own creations.  We were asked to study the good and bad points about the game we chose, and to consider why it was a good game.  Our group chose to play Blokus, a simple yet strategic game that up to 4 people can play.  

There are 400 squares and 84 pieces that resemble those seen in Tetris.  The aim of the game is to place as many of your pieces on the board as possible, but by being creative you can hinder your opponent's progress across the board.  However, the rules state that your pieces can only touch at the corners, and no edges can meet, which is the challenging twist that makes the game more fun.

Here are some points I wrote down whilst watching the group play:
  • tactical game, strategy based
  • no chance involved
  • basic rules, simple gameplay, evidently for all ages
  • understanding of territories and how to manipulate space across board
  • board is dull grey to draw attention to bright coloured blocks
  • connection to tetris, well-known game
  • box layout is simple but effective with triangular trays

These are all positive points that I noted, but I struggled to come up with any negative ones.  A possible one is that the game only goes up to 4 players, yet most families have more than 4 members.  This means that there will be people unable to join in, unless they were willing to team up with someone.

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